Planning your trip

Tübingen can easily be reached by car. Once you are in Tübingen, however, you do not really need a car, as almost everything is in walking distance or can be reached by bus. Finding a parking lot might take quite some time. The historic center is also almost completely closed for cars.

If you’re travelling by plane, Stuttgart Airport is the closest airport to Tübingen. There are several options of getting from there to Tübingen. Bus 828 is the best, as it takes you directly to Tübingen (approx. 1 h). You can check all connections here: The website is available in english, enter “Stuttgart, Airport/Fair” for departure and “Tübingen, Obf” for arrival. This will take you to Tübingen Central Station.

If there are no convenient flights for you to Stuttgart, Frankfurt International Airport is your second option. From there, you will need to take a train to Tübingen. There is a train station in the airport. From here, you can reach Tübingen via Stuttgart Central Station in about 2 -3 hours.

Tübingen Central station is centrally located. The historic center as well as the conference venue are within 10-15 minutes walking distance. Most Hotels are close by. The central bus station is in front of the train station. You can also find taxis in front of the station.

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